Omicron corona virus

The 1st case of the new Omicron variant of corona virus have now been found in the UK, after it was noticed by scientists in South Africa as a probably worrying new strain.

What type of tests are used to know about Omicron?

Swabs from PCR tests, which are forwarded to find lab for analysis, whether people are infected with coronavirus or not.

Related on which lab the swabs are sent to, expert they can see if the variant causing the infection seems like Omicron or Delta, or something else.

In between a 3rd and a half of UK labs but not all have the need technology to do this.

PCR tests are the ones you can do it free of cost from the government if you have any corona symptoms, or order from a personal agency if you need one for travel objectives.

What’s the difference in Omicron than other variants?

The Omicron variant has lots of various change that have not been seen before, and many that have.

A huge number of them are on the spike protein of the virus, which is the purpose of most vaccines, and that’s the main consideration.

In standard tests, Omicron has what’ is known as an “S-gene dropout” that gives a hint that it could be the latest variant.

What are the symptoms of Omicron?

So far, in South Africa, almost people contaminated are young and their symptoms have been normal or mild.

There is suggestion like the variant could be causing some normally different symptoms to Delta – including pains & aches, and no loss of smell or taste – but it’s too quick to say for certain.

At a time , (WHO)the World Health Organisation announce there is no proof that symptoms of Omicron are very differ to from other variants.

That means a current fever , cough, and loss of smell or taste are still the important three symptoms to look out for.

Hospitals in South Africa are observing more young people allowed with more serious symptoms – but many are still left in vaccination or have had only one dose.

This shows that getting two doses and a booster dose is a best way of protecting against disease caused by the current variant, as well as all other variants.

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