How To Attract Customers on Instagram?

Marketing on instagram is absolutely worth it these days, as there are 800 million unique monthly users on instagram. Many users engage with shopping content every month.

The first and foremost priority is to turn your instagram followers into your customers by creating a genuine relationship with them. Consistency is the key be it online marketing or offline. Schedule your posts as per your audience engagement and post regularly.

Here are some of the tips how you can do that……

1) Attractive bio:
Your bio is your introduction which includes who you are, what services you offer, where you are based etc etc……….
Your bio must be short and simple. Try to explain everything within few catchy words. Don’t forgot to add call to action for your brand. You can add your website url as majority of the website traffic comes from instagram.

2) Hop on to trends:

Instagram reels is the best and trending option to attract followers.
Ways to use reels:
You can put how-to guide by using your products or services.
Collaborate with an influencer to share how they use your products or services.
Add your spin on trending/ relatable meme.

3) Creating Valuable content:

Instagram users are always looking for high quality content. Instagram has many options to be creative with your content such as stories, reels- if your content is short, igtv- for longer format video,
you can also make highlight of your important stories. Create polls, QnA, add stickers or gifs in your stories, do live sessions to make it more engaging. Carousel post is also one of the versatile feature in which you can add both photos and videos in one video.

4) Collaborating with talented influencers:

A brand collaborate with influencers to create brand awareness, to reach new target audience etc.
Most of the brands rely on influencers for marketing because influencers have loyal followers who trust their recommendations more than the advertisements of brands itself. Influencers helps you turn
your viewers into customers.The collaboration will succeed only if you choose the right influencer, who believes in the same values as your brand.

5) Reward your followers:

Giveaway is an excellent way to increase your social media followers. They can raise brand awareness, boost engagement with your ideal audience, and encourage people to learn more about your company.
Some of the easy ways to plan a giveaway is: A) collaborate with influencer for a giveaway. B) No need to overcomplicate things, simply put like or comment to win. C)Announce the winners in your stories in a given time.

Give hints to your followers about upcoming giveaways to make it more engaging.

6) Hashtag:

Always use hashtags that are less targeted but generate lots of likes and comments. You can use minimum 30hashtags in your post.
Create your own brand’s hashtag and use it in your stories, posts, reels. Ask your followers to use this hashtag while tagging you. Make sure your hashtag is unique,clear and relevant.

Replying to DM or Comments, schedule your posts according to your engagement, post eye catching images, talk to your followers via stories etc are some of the ways to attract more audience.

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