There are many attributes that shape your targeted audience. The cultural background of your proper targeted audience has an important part in find their interpretations & expectations. Getting your content marketing strategy accordingly will improve your customer connection and your business growth.

How Cultural Can effect Your Content Marketing Strategy

If your brand goal is to expand your website presence globally, content must be carefully composed to have more impact on the culture you are targeting the audience .

Marketers must know the buyer persona as it relative to interests, demographics, education, identity & career. A world content marketing strategy also needs perception of different tongues and cultural norms to join with diverse audiences.  

In this blog we will discuss how your brand can boost customer engagement in international markets by getting culturally intelligent content.

cultural models

There have been multi cross-cultural models build by hominid that can assist to inform marketers when it comes to bring up real bond between brand and consumers. One of the most regular models used was created by Richard Lewis, a  engagement specialist and theorist.

His thinking claimed that cultures can be good classified by three behavioral categories: 1.Multi-active : Multi-active cultures put strong emphasis on emotions and relations.

2. Reactive : Reactive cultures related to be passive and helpful to authority.

3.Linear-active: Linear-active cultures were fewer emotional and more concentrated on organization and accurate data

Cultural differences 

Cultural differences matter cause they say people’s approach at every level. Hand gestures, images, colors, symbols & tone can all have very variant meanings in variant cultures.
Slogans & Phrases that are translated exactly into variant languages can lose their real meaning, and regional variety in dialect, tone that can add additional layers of difficulty.

Cultural attention of color and imagery  

When making images and logos to develop your online business, it’s essential to be aware that required symbols or colors are used differently in various cultures. Even if the actions is subconscious, you wish to avoid making content that brings the wrong impression to your brand.

In case , in Western cultures, white is vastly connected with purity & cleanliness, and in clothing, with marriage.

Moreover , in many Asian cultures, white is a color of sorrowing, and red is more regularly used for matrimonial events. 

When choosing to enlarge to an global audience, brand must do more than search the local market. While your service or product might have a important chance of success in globally , the type of content you build for your website or blog could break or make your chance. Not only your content shows your buyer’s persona and attributes, but it should also reflect a cultural perceptions .

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