The Padma Awards are one of the biggest civilian honours of India reported annually on the evening of Republic Day. These Awards are given in three categories

(1) Padma Vibhushan :This is basically for the exceptional and the distinguished service shown by the person.

(2)Padma Bhushan: This is given for the higher order distinguish service.

(3)Padma Shri : This is given to those who have done distinguish service.

The award looks to recognize accomplishment in all fields of disciplines or activities where an element of public service is included .

Primarily, people of India are presented with the Civilian awards for their discriminate service for the Country . Further more the President of India, shares this award with the awardee . This time, there are as maximum as 119 Padma Awardees given . Let us rapidly check more about the Padma Award Winners 2021 and why they are given. More importantly we must see what are all the categories for which this award is given below.

The Indian Government instituted two civilian awards-Bharat Ratna & Padma Vibhushan in 1954. Those are divided in latter had three classes namely Pahela Varg, Dusra Varg and Tisra Varg. These were eventually renamed as Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri vide Presidential information issued on January 8, 1955.

All appointment received for Padma Awards are put before the Padma Awards Committee, which is established by the( PM )Prime Minister every year. The Padma Awards Committee is leaded by the Cabinet Secretary and contains Secretary to the President ,Home Secretary, and 4 to 6 eminent persons as members. The advice of the committee are approved to the Prime Minister & the President of India for approval.

Padma Vibhushan Awards

Padma Bhushan Awards

Padma Shree Awards

The Padma Awards are conferred on the recommendations made by the Padma Awards Committee, which is constituted by the Prime Minister every year. The nomination process is open to the public. Even self-nomination can be made.

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