Did you know that maximum of search traffic goes to the front page of search results? If you want people to search your business in search results, you require to update your pages. On-page (SEO) search engine optimization  is basic to using more qualified guides show your business when they search.

In this blog post, We Will discuss some techniques you can use to increase your site’s on-page SEO, including:

Integrate relative keywords in your pages

First on list of on-page SEO activities is adding relevant keywords in your pages. If you wish to rank in search results, you require to include keywords in your website.

Keywords highlight your site to show in relevant searches, so you require to update your pages to look in the right search results.

Long-tail keywords are fine for your website cause they assist you drive more certified traffic to your page. When someone look for a specific term, the search intent is more exact , and you know what they wish to search.

For example, if someone searches “ cookies,” it’s hard to know the intent behind that search. Are they looking for cookie cake recipes, cookies ice cream or cookies bars? The keyword is too small for you to know the search intention behind it .

On the other hand, a keyword like “ cookie cake recipe” is clearer. You know someone’s searching for a cookie cake recipe — the search intention is proper .Your title tag appears as a blue line of text in search results that people can click on to navigate to the page on your site. Users and search engines use this to determine if your listing is relevant to their search query.

Develop your title tag and meta description

Your title tag show as a blue color of text in search results that people can tick on to appear to the page on your site. search engines & Users use this to rule if your listing is related to their search property.

Your meta description is the small paragraph or lines that show below the title tag. This tag give your audience with small summary about your page. While it does not personally affect your ranking, your meta description can help in lead people to select your listing.

This part is one of the most important on-page SEO techniques cause it effects whether people click on your listing. If your title tag and meta description are informative , people are most likely to click on your listing if it sets what your audience wants to search .

Optimize images

Move on on our list of on-page SEO creativity is optimizing images. Optical are a vital component to giving a positive user experience for your site. They assist boost your pages and make them visually connecting to your audience.

Use image alt tags

Google can not read images, you require to add image alt tags to assist search engines can “read” them. These tags give a short descriptive notes about your image. These tags are also useful if your pictures do not load ( if someone uses a screen reader).

Optimize your image file sizes

If your image file sizes are much more big, they can slow down your site, which negatively effects your SEO. To protect this from happening, you can utilize an image compression gadget like io to compress image file sizes.

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