Our Experts say the testing of weapons that smash satellites in space orbit create a space hazard by making clouds of bits that can crash with other objects, setting off a chain response of missile through Earth orbit.

US officials said Russia fired a missile into one of its own satellites in a weapons that tested on Monday created an orbital waste field that imperil the International Space Station and will pose an ongoing dangerous to space activities “for years to come,”.

In The 7-member space station crew — 4US astronauts, a German astronaut and 2 Russian cosmonauts —NASA said they were handled to take protection in their docked spaceship tablets for 2 hours after the test as a safeguard to permit for a rapid getaway had it been necessary.

The testing lab, path about 402 km beyond Earth, continued to pass through or nearby the waste cluster every 90 minutes, but NASA experts resolve it was safe for the crew to return to the station’s interior after the third pass, the agency said.

According to NASA The crew was also instructed to seal off hatches to many modules of the space station for the time being .

NASA chief Bill Nelson announce in his statement“NASA will constantly controlling the waste in the coming days and beyond to make sure the security of our crew in orbit,” .

Specialist say the checking of weapons that smash satellites in orbit pose a space dangerous by creating clouds of pieces that can crash with other objects

The Russian ministry & military of defense were not recently available for comment. The straight ascent anti satellite missile launched by Russia created more than 1,500 pieces of “trackable orbital debris” and would likely issue hundreds of thousands of smaller parts, the US Space Command said .

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