Bored with Facebook and Instagram? These another social networks are worth checking out.

If you have been using Instagram, Facebook,or Twitter for a while, you may wish to extend your wings and try another platforms.

In this article, we will take a focus at some of the newest social media platforms that you may not have heard of yet but should keep an eye on in 2021.


Clubhouse is a latest social media network that quickly gained popularity in early 2021. What creates it distinct from another social media networks is its special offering as the starting audio-only social media platform.

How Does Clubhouse Work?

Clubhouse permits you to build and connect audio chatrooms to discuss topics of your interest. Speakers are in charge of discussion and listeners can sometimes peal in, like in a live show.

When you unlocked the app, you will active conversion to join. You will also get an option to build your chatroom that you can invite other users to join.

Clubhouse is orientation towards the Snapchat approach of not reserving any content. No playback is reserved on Clubhouse; you can only listen to live chats.


The app acquired popularity when proper -wing activists either suspended or banned from other social media went on the platform. Parler -pronunciation the same as parlor is a social network that obtained approval as a free speech-driven platform.

Parler is put on a comeback and given its already-substantial user base, it certified as one of the new social media platforms you should hold an eye on.

How Does Parler Work?

Using the Parler app can look a bit complex. You can believe of it as a hybrid of Facebook,Twitter, and Reddit. You select the people and topics you want to follow from the find tab, and your News Feed is focused based on that.

You can also publish “Parleys” which can be GIFs,photos, or links to text, & webpages up vote posts, and “echo” posts you want to re-share on your feed.


Houseparty is a not-so-latest social media that has been obtaining some buzz at the starting of 2021. The social media platform permits you to 8 participants to interconnected in a live video session.

How Does Houseparty Work?

Houseparty is alike Instagram Live. You can request friends to connect you in a live chat. The variation is that, unlike Instagram, you can request to seven friends to connect in on a live chat or conversation .

Thanks to Epic Games, its owners, the app also has some free in-app games you can play.


Nextdoor is a social network that permits neighbors to interact and share information. The platform’s power is its hyperlocal nature.

Like Facebook, this social media network has a News Feed. But unlike Facebook, where you can observe posts from almost anybody, you can only observe latest updates from your neighbors.

How Does Nextdoor Work?

The Nextdoor app has an immersive map that permits you to search your neighbors on the platform and a News Feed where you can look their posts. You can advertise an event, sell to your neighbors & ask for recommendations.

You can also utilize the Urgent alerts property to alert your neighbors of closer threats.

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