If you really want to work with Digital Marketing, you have to know that it is not always that we can get the visitor’s attention in the way we wish. 

Getting their attention has become a large challenge in routine life. And the interactive content tools may be a plus point in this marketing.

Interactive content tools assist to create these materials without the requirement of worrying about prospects that are not a piece of marketing like programming.

 Content tools

Content tools is a famous tool in the market, as it gives materials aimed at creating leads. With it, it is possible to create dynamic & static content.

In the interactive content, it is probable to make several materials in other different formats, like quizzes, maps, calculators, landing pages & infographics.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a powerful tool for producing interactive tests, surveys, and quizzes, storing data that can be used to upgrade marketing connectivity.


Thinglink is one of the well-known gadgets on the market, for its versatility and ease in making varied interactive content.

It is possible to assist the gadget to make 360 degrees videos and media, using additional information, audio, internet links & attachments.


Apester is a gadget that seeks to sustain user engagement. 

After connecting with a part of interactive content, the tool gives new articles that might be the reader’s interest, and also allows rapid social media sharing.

This facilitates use for generating organic traffic.

It is possible to make interactive materials, such as tests, surveys, polls.


Playbuzz is also one of the free platforms, with many options for interactive content building. Besides that, it gives the user’s metrics & data.

Another benefit is the community where people show their logic and produced materials, generating a virtuous circle of creativity.


Outgrow has a series of templates for various interactive content formats. It is not required to know how to program to assist the platform.

This tool is concentrated on the aesthetics & design of the materials.

The interactive content tools can make several business chances for those who apply them in a well-mannered and well-settled Content Marketing strategy.

Interactive content tools will assist the building of interactive content that connects the user and help them become consumers. 

Interactive content tools assist make these materials without the require to worry about prospects that are not a piece of marketing like programming.

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