Pay Per Click and interactive content can be powerful allies. Your company can get more (MQLs) Marketing Qualified Leads and maximum revenue through an affluent experience in your advertising campaigns.

Many agencies are trading regular, stable landing pages for amazing interactive experiences that connect visitors on a whole latest level.  

What Is Interactive Content ??

Interactive content is not static materials that inspire user participation by giving different ways that the user can come after according to their desires or preferences.

With such plenty of content available online, the more connecting and interesting your content, the more conversions & interaction you will get.

Interactive content permits you to get maximum feedback from your users as it trails important customer data during content consumption, an extra for your content team and your sales team.

Some interactive content can contain:

  1. Quizzes
  2. Interactive Landing Pages
  3. Calculators
  4. Infographics
  5. Questionnaires
  6. Polls
  7. Resource Libraries
  8. Animated eBooks
  9. Videos
  10. Maps

Why Buyer is Important to Content?

The buyer’s journey mentions interactions, processes, and experiences your potential customers experience leading up to a purchase of your products or services. 

The buyer’s journey is

  • Awareness : The candidate is know their difficulties and require solutions. Like if you are a company & you sells inventory control software, you can build content like “Advertisement on how to organize your company’s inventory”.
  • Delibration : The candidate is searching paths to fix their problems . Like : a store holder identifies a problem in inventory control and require a solution. They begin to searching for content like “How to count the ideal stock for your company”.
  • Resolution: The candidate has sufficient details to make a well-detaoiled decision.  Like: a store holder decided they required software to control the inventory and begin searching for options. They begin to comparing products.

The Significance of Context in Delivering Persona Needs

Attaching interactive content to your PPC strategy looks like a match made in heaven. 

If you can drive more connections in your ads and entertain your candidates at the same time, you have many more options for success.

However, marketers require to use one of the practices to enhance ads while using interactive content. If it is conspicuous or settled in the wrong place, you can still lose possible clicks.

Enlarge Your Content Reach and Save Money

Not only does connective content have the potential to convey the right communication to your audience, but it also has a higher option of being shared & liked on social media platforms. It assists you, Specially in the consideration & awareness phases.

When arranging your PPC campaigns, you part social ads by your personas. You also use seems likes and remarketing to affect people that already visited your site. The truth: you and most of your competitors are using similar schemes.

Ads & Interactive Content: Generating Quality Leads 

LinkedIn ads & Facebook feed ads are almost similar that’s why the interactive content promotion plans there will have the same approach. 

The most important difference in LinkedIn is the skill to use conversational ads. You can send an offer directly into your clients’ inboxes. It’s powerful especially if you are a B2B company and goal for more quality than volume. 

Using URL Frameworks to customize your Interactive Experience

Another way of coordinating PPC & interactive content is modifying what they see by what you know about customers. With the device, you can reshape the page to show different content to different customers depending on location, searched terms, and many more conditions.

Interactive Content and Conversion Rate Optimization

Obtaining clicks on your ads is one thing; transferring on your landing page is another. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is in progress process: your work is never done, but you better it along the time through data.

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