In corona Pandemic situation Social distancing and community quarantine may have reduced sales of every physical store around the world, but this pandemic give to the high light the many benefits of ecommerce development for consumers & businesses . 

During the year of 2020 quarantine, international ecommerce sales increase a 77% grow over the previous year. More than that, the year 2021 records that 27.6% of people around the world are online shoppers –  a structure that converts to 1 out of 4 people being users of online shopping solutions. 

Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce, or Electronic commerce is the procedure of selling and purchasing services or products over the internet. This also contains online data and money transactions to fulfill the sales. Without any brick & mortar store, these online transactions can simply be done by any person from any corner of the globe.

Marketplaces and allowed ecommerce have their own distinctive benefits to security particular factors and commands of your business, and getting them settled on is critical so you do not have to make large changes that could pay a lot of money.

In case if you are performing with a templated marketplace, or may be partnering with some website developers to develop your own special ecommerce site, need a ecommerce frontend template to mention to.

Moreover , you will also require to tell yourself of the  cons & pros of settling between a your own ecommerce vs marketplace before you think on the platform to develop for your website brand.

Benefits of ecommerce Business

If you have not little bit made up your mind about ecommerce platforms and getting them for your businesses, the following benefits below that give you that push you requirements.

Ecommerce is convenient and safe

Convenience is just one of the best advantages of ecommerce. 

Studies have show that convenience is one of the most essential decision attributes for customers . With just a some clicks from the compassion of your clientele’s office or home , your products are on their route. 

 Payment Flexibility

From credit cards to e payments, this shop gives flexibility for their consumers to complete purchasing their products or services.

Easily gather customer feedback

You should use analytic platforms such as MS Clarity & Google Analytics to learn about the consumer behavior & demographics data of your visitors . With this data, you can increase or change your marketing strategies, start a new product, and get in touch with your visitors or customers.

Permits you to give detail your products or services

Online platforms gives ways to sell the product, and not just say details about it. Product descriptions have the facility to boost casual shoppers into revenue-producing buyers.

“Shops” are open 24/7 

Without any restriction by just a some geographical locations, your business is awake and going on 24/7. Ecommerce sites all most never shut down for it is designed to feed customers from any corner of the globe, procceding in different time zones.

Minimizes operational costs

Physical shops are tied to proper locations that demand need out a storefront, storage region , and furniture. These all could be very expensive but you still have to appraisal , upfront investment, rental fees, staff and utility bills. 

Types of ecommerce

There are many different types of transactions ecommerce can provide your business. 

Business to Consumer (B2C).

 B2C Is the common type of the all. On this platform, consumers available of services or products from your business like purchasing a shirt if you are in fashion retail, or any where on globe.

Business to Business (B2B).

 This is where connection between businesses can be done. It normally contains the trading of rough materials or products that will be produced or services that have a especially long sales cycle.

Consumer to Consumer (C2C). 

C2C platforms permit consumers to use online selling area to market products to another consumer and purchase products from another platform user. Online C2C platforms include eBay, Etsy, and Craigslist.

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