What is Content Marketing?

  • Content Marketing is a marketing strategy used to reach your target audience, increase brand awareness by creating content on social media such as podcasts, blogs, relevant articles, videos and more.
  • Any media used to provide information to your audience is content marketing. What you are reading here is also a content marketing.

Types of Content Marketing:

When you publish content in multiple formats, your audience growth increases speadily.
Lets take an example to understand it easily:
A creator is creating a content on instagram and youtube. So its obvious that his or her audience will be different on both the platforms. Some may know them by their instagram content, while
others may have seen their content on youtube.

Choose your medium of sharing information wisely as some things are just better suited to certain formats only. For example: You cannot learn singing by reading articles of singing, you have to watch a video of “How to” on youtube.


Blog, also known as Weblog means to give detailed information about a particular topic online. Earlier people used to share their personal lives experiences or interests only but now blog is one of the online marketing strategy used to grow business. Its a profitable choice for every individual. Most common types of blogs are Business blogs, Personal Blogs, Niche Blogs and Affiliate Blogs.


The principle of creating valuable content in video format for your target audience is knows as video content marketing. The main focus is to create interesting, entertaining and at the same time useful content for your audience. Your content should be engaging with your audience. As majority of the audience prefer to learn about a brand through a video.


In simple terms,a podcast is an audio programme where an individual share stories, lead conversation. It can also be done in video format. It is focused on a specific topic where a person or group of two or more talking about it. You can subscribe the podcast and listen to it whenever you like through your smartphone. Podcast is fastest growing way of content marketing. These days many people are choosing podcast as their medium to grow audience.


Infographic is an easy to understand graphic format which includes diagram, images, chart, graph or any other text. Some of the types of infographics are list based, comparison infographic, interactive infographics, timeline infographic.

Email or Ebooks:

A book available in digital form that allows to read it on any electronic device like computer or handheld device similar to printed book is known as ebook. The purpose of ebooks is to simplify and enhance the learning experience. Students actively involve more in this learning process as they find it more interactive rather than listening to one person continuously. An email is a message sent from a device to another through internet via webserver address. Types of emails are: informational emails, lead nurturing emails, promotional emails, educational emails.

These are just few examples of content marketing. It also includes webinars, presentations, public speaking and apps etc.

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