Another update on Omicron Strain

Latest Updates on Omicron

“The seriousness of the disease is expected to be low” The government said ,because of the fast step of vaccination and a measure of natural protection .

A basic study by South African scientists says the Omicron variant is 3 times more likely to cause reinfections compared to the Beta or Delta strains. The searching , based on data collected by the country’s health structure, gives the first observational proof about Omicron’s capability to evade immunity from earlier infection.

As many as twelve (12) patients found to be infected with the COVID-19 ‘Omicron’ variant have been admitted to (LNJP) Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan hospital in Delhi so far,on Friday.

The government has requested people to ‘vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate’ in response to broadly spread and improving concern after India announced its 1st case of the Omicron Covid varient.

This first cases of Omicron variant in India have been confirmed in 2 specific in Karnataka. One of them was a South African national, and has earlier left away the country.

In a brief”… given its (the Omicron variant ) factors it is likely to increase to more countries, including India”, underlining belief that more cases of the new variant will be detected in the country over the next some days or in a weeks.statement released Friday, by the government .

WHO The World Health Organization has establish a team of officials to South Africa’s Gauteng province, the epicentre of the latest Omicron coronavirus strain , for ramping up observation measures.

“The severity of the disease is expected to be low” because of the fast phase of vaccination and a measure of natural immunity required after aspect of the Delta variant,Indian government also said.

FAQ said.”There is no proof to suggest live vaccines do not work on Omicron… vaccine safeguard  is also by antibodies as well as own cellular immunity… Hence, vaccines are anticipated to still offer protection opposed severe disease and, vaccination with the available vaccines is critical ,”

Existing experiments will pick up signs of Covid infection but they can’t offer definitive evidence of Omicron.